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Your Child's Educational Success is our number one priority and we strive to provide all the necessary tools and a fun learning environment to achieve this goal.

4word Thinking Tutoring is a community learning centre that will be providing quality educational & musical services to children and families in the Shelburne and Dufferin County Area. We engage kids in an interactive and dynamic learning environment. We believe every child has untapped potential and we are here to uncover those talents. At 4word Thinking Tutoring, our OCT teaches Math, English, French, Science, and many other interactive programs for students from Pre-Kindergarten to High School.

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is to improve students’ confidence and abilities and promote their success and desire for excellence in school and in life. We aspire to provide a positive environment in our community, in which we encourage future voices and help students of all ages to thrive.At 4word Thinking Tutoring, we will provide your children with the knowledge and confidence they need to get ahead of their class and also become great problem solvers.

Our main goal is to motivate each child to consistently work hard to achieve their educational goals. We’re all about motivating students to become successful individuals who do their best and view learning as a fun experience.

​Our Method


  • Diagnostic Comprehensive Assessment- This test determines the student's weaknesses and strengths as well as the optimal starting point

  • Individualized Plan- Tailored to each kids’ specific needs, style of learning

  • Evaluation- Measure student’s performance through continued and frequents tests. Monitor student’s progress to ensure comprehension of different concepts


We also provide our own work sheets, custom made for each student and based on units they are working on in their school. We focus on improving on their weaknesses and further developing their learning skills. We also help students with their homework and assignments, and tailor our own worksheets to reflect what is being taught in the classrooms.


Our Staff

Our team is made of Ontario Certified Teachers who help create our academic programs and activities dedicated to one single purpose; of making the child achieve their educational goals and go beyond their current capabilities. Our professional tutors are passionate about teaching and adding the element of fun into the classroom.

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